APM Case Study

Beniva APM Leads IT Cost Reduction

Overview & Major Results

Beniva delivered an end-to-end solution that included working with the IT team to first capture a detailed inventory of the application landscape – including financial data. We call this the “data grind phase”. Next, all of those applications were mapped to a business capability model and evaluated for size, redundancy, spend, opportunity and complexity. A prize tracker was then created which gave a list of opportunities and a proposed recommendation for EACH application. Lastly, Beniva facilitated all stakeholders including the business team members through rationalization – efficient and effective.

Additional Value-Added Benefits…

 Uncovered Hidden Applications & Spend

Application Inventory Mapped to Business Capabilities

Refreshed Applications Inventory Loaded into ServiceNow

times project cost was returned within the year


reduction in direct annual SW costs

$M of Net Savings over 3 years

The Solved Pain Points

Years of Growth, Acquisitions & Divestitures, Resulting in a Large Software Application Inventory

Multiple Sources of IT Asset Information Including Software License, Contracts, User & Financial Information


Unable to Develop a Complete & Accurate View of Software Inventory

Low Business Confidence in IT Understanding of Business Capability Needs

Client Feedback

Under pressure to reduce costs, we looked to Beniva for assistance. We’d spent months trying to get a consolidated view of applications and spend, but could never get a complete and accurate view. Beniva hit the ground running with initial results in weeks. Beniva not only helped us understand our software inventory and reduce costs, but actually saved jobs from being reduced.


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